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Candidates for police officer can look forward to a challenging and rewarding career with our agency. Our approach is to have all officers participate in decision-making and problem solving in the community. We emphasize a strong sense of ethics and integrity while using the Community Oriented Policing philosophy as a guide. We also strongly encourage officers to develop their own areas of expertise and endeavor to provide training and equipment to meet those interests.

Our selection process uses Assessment Center-type of testing that seeks to identify many of the skills you will be applying on the street. This includes problem-solving scenarios with actors as well as demonstrating other applicable skills (i.e. computer proficiency). Our process is thought to be more streamlined than other agencies while selecting candidates that meet our needs and the needs of our community.

We accept applications on an on-going basis and conduct a selection process on at least a semi-annual basis. Visit the Human Resources section of the city’s web site to download an application or call HR at 805-933-4201, Ext. 207. Candidates are also encouraged to do a Ride-Along to see our operations up close while getting your questions answered. If interested, talk to the on-duty Watch Commander at (805) 525-4474.


We have a very active Reserve Police Officer Unit and encourage those officers to take on many of the same duties a police officer does. In addition to carrying out regular patrol duties, we have Reserve Officers in our Bike Unit, on the Special Response Team, and carrying out many specialty assignments.

Applications are ongoing and can be made in the same way as Police Officers.


The Santa Paula Police Department is supported by a number of non-sworn positions including Dispatchers, Community Service Officers, and Records personnel. Dispatch applications are accepted on an ongoing basis; refer to the Human Resources section of the City’s web site for any other police department openings that may be available.


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