General Plan

The General Plan is the fundamental policy document of the City of Santa Paula. It defines the framework by which the City’s physical and economic resources are to be managed and used in the future, with a planning horizon to the year 2020.


The City’s General Plan was adopted in 1998 after an extensive visioning process that extended from 1993 to 1998. Named Vision 2020, the process encompassed a city-wide public opinion survey and a total of 31 public meetings.


Through this process the citizens reflected their desire for continued responsible growth at a rate commensurate with the community’s conservative growth. The plan recognizes a need to grow slowly, and it directs that growth towards the least productive agricultural lands, those of Fagan Canyon and on area east of the City.

City decision-makers use the General Plan as a blueprint for:

  • Choices about the use of land;
  • Conservation and development of new housing;
  • Provision of supporting infrastructure and public and human services;
  • Protection of environmental resources;
  • Protection of people and property from natural and man-made hazards;
  • Allocation of fiscal resources;
  • Population growth; and
  • Expansion of City boundaries.


The General Plan was amended by the voters in November 2000 through passage of SOAR/ Measure I, which established a City Urban Restriction Boundary (CURB) around the City and General Plan expansion areas known as East Area 2 and Fagan Canyon. According to the Purpose and Findings section of the Measure, the stated first objective is: “Most importantly to involve the public in future development proposals for Expansion Areas, and other properties, outside of the CURB.”


Accordingly, the Measure, once approved, established the requirement that any future development (with a few exceptions) in Adams Canyon or any other properties outside of the CURB would require a voter-approved amendment to the CURB.

The City of Santa Paula's General Plan consists of the following Elements and their Appendices:


Below is the General Plan Map for the City of Santa Paula:


Separate from the General Plan, a Sphere of Influence is a planning boundary, often outside of the usual city limit line, established by the regional Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) that designates the city’s probable future boundary and service area. Below is the current LAFCo Sphere of Influence Map for the City of Santa Paula:



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