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It is great that people take time to post responses on this Blog.


One of the reasons the City Council asked me to start the Blog in November, 2004 was to give residents a place to share their opinions. When the Blog first started, there were no comments allowed. I quickly realized that no comments really took away from the potential of the Blog. So I turned on the comment function of the Blog, but review each comment before it is posted.


Why review comments? This is a City sponsored enterprise and I feel as such an obligation to make sure the discussion is civil allowing a diversity of opinion. At first, I tried to be fairly liberal in what comments get posted. This many times has gotten me in trouble with folks and has lowered the level of the dialogue. I try to try to enforce these rules fairly and encourage you to tell me when I don't.


However, there are some comments that will never get posted:

  1. Personal attacks. Say if you like or don't like an issue or a specific comment made, but you can not directly attack a specific person.
  2. Profanity and racial slurs.

  3. Specific support or opposition of an elected official(s). Commenters are welcome to support or oppose "The Council," but not individuals or specific groups of individuals on the Council.

  4. Campaigning. I will not post comments that directly urge a Yes or No vote on ballot initiatives or directly endorse or oppose a Councilmember or candidate.

  5. Comments unrelated to the initial blog post. Please keep comments on the subject of the post.

  6. Commenting on a blog post may be closed seven days after the date of the post.

Thanks again for making this Blog such a vital part of dialogue about Santa Paula. Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions or issues with this policy.


Wally Bobkiewicz


Revised: January 11, 2009

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